You can call me whatever you like, but voicing our opinion for president is far from useful. You can name every reason you believe we need a president, and for most of it I will agree with you. However, we’re not going to fix anything by replacing any president, and some people act as if it will.

Things also need to be fixed at the local level. People need to vote locally and make change locally. Sometimes I feel people are set in this way of thinking that, federally, we are dictated. In some degree, sure, but our problems are not going to be fixed by everyone upstairs.

When you fall down, scrape your knee and considering you’re a fully capable adult, you’re going to patch it up yourself.

I believe people need to start patching up their local areas first, before looking for help elsewhere.

Hey-hey! I’m here to share my week’s top listens. I’ll try to do this as evenly as possible, considering I mostly use Spotify lately.

First up, London Summers’ Valley. I instantly though, “The Weeknd killer.” No, I’m not saying he’ll take on their music any day, but you have to admit this is very easy going.

There’s actually not much to say about London Summers. The only information I can find is

This is the only other song I found.

Next, we have Twelve Foot Ninja’s Ain’t That A Bitch. I won’t spoil the video for you, but I will let you know it has a twist.

Twelve Foot Ninja is a fusion metal band from Melbourne, Victoria that released its debut album Silent Machine in 2012. The band consists of Kin (vocals), Russ (drums), Stevic (guitar), Damon (bass) and Rohan (guitar). They won Best New Talent at the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards (America’s only hard rock music awards) as well as two listener-voted awards from SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal the year before. The band broke a world record for the most amount crowdfunded for a music video. — Wikipedia

Have you heard of Just A Gent? Now you have. Rolling Dice.

“Over the past two years, 19-year-old Australian producer Just A Gent has taken over the electronic music scene, garnering over 45 million streams worldwide and amassing a huge online following with an impressive catalogue of original work and remixes. — Description


That’s it for now. I’ll have to start generating some playlists… maybe.

I’ve always used the Otterbox when it has come to protecting the iPhone, however I decided to go with this NUUD series in the Lifeproof world. I’ll start with that I’m very happy with the overall protection.

I’m not happy, at all, with the loss of functionality when it comes to using this phone. I understand you can’t get the best sound out of an enclosed box when trying to protect it from water, but with this case you’re losing iPhone feature functionality in addition.

The iOS’ pull-up menu from the bottom of the phone becomes virtually inaccessible when this case is on (it’s usable, on a second or well timed first try). The headphone input is not designed to accommodate common plug enclosures, e.g, it won’t fit with random earbuds, my JVCs or anything that I’ve found yet – You MUST be a Bluetooth user to enjoy the loss of a headphone jack.

As far as the rest of the quality goes with this case, it is as expected. The case is very easy to snap on and snap off. You do want to make sure to unbuckle the battery cover and unscrew the headphone piece first, or else you’ll have a terrible time!

See for yourself at Amazon.

Update – July 17: I forgot to mention, the home button cover was also easily punctured. I’m sure I did it, however it wasn’t even a couple of weeks before the material broke. Tsk. Essentially, after that point the case is completely useless against water protection.