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Information overload!

Just because it’s a blog doesn’t mean we can get away with “posting” anything. Fact-checking should always be a first priority before publishing an article, blurb, video, podcast or any tweet for that matter. Once one book or avenue is exhausted, it’s best to gather more routes and information on a topic to cover all bases possible. Don’t stay stranded with one source, adopt and adapt as necessary.

I’m always looking for topic suggestions and writers. Email [email protected]

  • Quality over quantity
  • Fact check!
  • Satire (we need this in our life)
  • Privacy awareness
  • Fun.


I suppose this is a good time to relay updates on iSnick.net. Third-party (iSnick operated) tracking scripts have been disabled and are only internally collected by WordPress and sometimes Google Analytics. Google AdSense is still used as a banner. The WP theme has also been updated to “AdBooster.” Most of this revamping started early this morning, resulting in episode 8’s release.


Working with Audacity

Editing each podcast, let alone recording is tedious, but Audacity is straightforward. Add each track and silence required areas. Fade-In and Fade-Out and Silence are my most frequently used, aside usual volume adjust of the music itself and my mic.

Publishing with Anchor

Upload MP3 and as follows.


  • WP Theme updated to AdBooster
  • Anchor.fm primary podcast platform
  • Trackers now internal
  • Have fun!

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Thank you for reading!

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