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About iSnick

Without going into detail

iSnick has been running (roughly, and with just enough gas) since 2007. Through a few domains, iSnick has been established as “” Some of the content has been lost or can be found at Ty The operation of iSnick started to decline in 2010, and continued into 2012 (was also working on Journal Five). Sadly. the content was not available for view, and lost many of its monthly visitors. Not a bad thing, nor a loss. iSnick had a fair run as a low-budget tech oriented website.

The area of focus has been slightly shifted from content to projects, and services. iSnick is playing around with free WiFi concepts, network level ad blocking, and more.

An Experimental WiFi network

iSnick is conducting a local test – giving away WiFi! There are a few catches.

  • WiFi speeds are limited, and slots are sometimes unavailable due to maintenance or live testing.

iSnick or PC Nite does not monitor the websites you frequent. Instead, we dump any connection information after a day. We only filter it to create healthy environment – you know, from viruses, malware, botnets, etc. A day is enough to gather information, and summary charts. Analyzing the data, we’ll attempt to effectively regulate traffic to create a smooth, free WiFi experience.

As you can see, the catches aren’t too bad. It’s free, mind you. If you want access, fill out the form below.