Alex Jones Defamation Trial, Infowars nearing bankruptcy

Alex Jones’ empire has been under fire since the unfortunate Sandy Hook event.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, United States, when 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people. Twenty of the victims were children between six and seven years old, and six were adult staff members. Earlier that day, before driving to the school, Lanza shot and killed his mother at their Newtown home. As first responders arrived at the school, Lanza committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. — Wikipedia

Infowars indicated Sandy Hook was a hoax but it was later surfaced Sandy Hook did in fact take place.

I personally watched many minutes and possibly hours of the depositions of Alex Jones and associated lawyers, but of course they are no longer available on YouTube to display, nor can I find them around the web. However, after falling out of sync with the situation, I discovered Jones skipped a couple of deposition sessions. According to NPR, Jones was following a doctor order due to a [undisclosed] medical condition.

Infowars host Alex Jones on Thursday defied a Connecticut judge’s order to show up for a deposition in Texas in a case brought by relatives of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting who sued Jones for calling the massacre a hoax, according to the families’ lawyer.

It was the second straight day that Jones did not appear for the deposition in Austin, which was scheduled to be held Wednesday and Thursday. It wasn’t immediately clear what penalties he may face.

Jones’ lawyer, Norman Pattis, said Thursday that Jones was following his doctor’s guidance to not attend court proceedings because of undisclosed medical conditions.

“Mr. Jones was given conflicting imperatives: his physician told him to stay home; a judge told him to go to a deposition,” Pattis wrote in an email to The Associated Press. “He is following his doctor’s advice. I suspect most people sensible would do as Mr. Jones has done.” — NPR

Alex Jones changed his mind

JRE or the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast actually hosted Alex Jones and in one of these episodes, Jones did change his viewpoint (or stance) on the Sandy Hook incident. About 1 minute, 20 seconds in is where it starts to break down.

But now bankruptcy…

July 29 (Reuters) – The parent of far-right conspiracy website InfoWars filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection on Friday as the company and its founder Alex Jones face up to $150 million in damages in a trial over longstanding falsehoods he perpetuated about the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre. — Reuters

Conspiracy websites

Everyone loves a good riddle, but no one likes lies. Unless, of course this is the business you’re in and hopefully this is satire.

I’d have to say this will be – if it dissolves – one of the last, most popular “conspiracy” based outlets to contest all things in nature. And this is kinda sad. I’m not saying let’s go on believing everyone and everything which is questioned, but that most things should probably be questioned and studied. And when a wrong is encountered, it should be admitted and discussed throughout.

The trial is airing on YouTube.

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