Artificial Intelligence is going to court, to defend!

Artificial Intelligence in courts?

In what’s going to be an fair and epic battle, hopefully, AI is going to defend a traffic ticket in court.

The AI will instruct the defend what to say via headphones after listening to arguments.

The AI app’s software was adjusted so it does not automatically react to everything it hears in court. Instead, it will listen in on the arguments and analyze them before instructing the defendant how to respond. —NY Post

Skynet is here, but seems friendly(ish)

The idea artificial intelligence will be deadly is a bit exaggerated, especially if we’re limiting its abilities in society. It’s definitely true AI could “take away” jobs but so can almost any other new invention at a factory which reduces human interaction! McDonald’s is of course trying a full on approach of robotics and many retailers have opt’d to have self-checkout point-of-sale machines.

Okay, so maybe it looks a little bad. But let’s not panic! (it’s time to panic)





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