Quick update from me

So, my computer unfortunately took a dive into the unknown a couple of weeks ago … it died–in short, it died. However, around the same time things started to ramp up a little and being home a lot wasn’t a thing. As in, the workstation wasn’t exactly needed as much. Do I still need a workstation?–absolutely. But is that what I’m focused on right now?–no.

Keyser Question and Answer, Lotus band, My Keyser, and iSnick economy are the projects in focus.

  • Keyser QA – Bringing city/county and citizens together for ongoing, progressive discussion.
  • Lotus – A groovy band.. (hopefully you’ll hear us soon)
  • My Keyser – The “host” of Keyser QA. My Keyser is an initiative to stimulate positive growth within Keyser and Mineral County.
  • iSnick economy – The iSnick economy will always be active in terms of fluctuation, giveaways and more. At this time we’re not doing any raffles, but they’re not off the future tables.

Eventually a new workstation will be acquired as I’ll need horsepower for more precise and in-depth media editing.

Just wanted to say hello!

Hope your day is going well!

Some art to follow

Raffle Prizes n such

:pinching_hand: :money_mouth: :arrow_forward: @everyone


:musical_note: Spotify / Apple Music :musical_note: – 1 month ($10) was offered! This may come back around!
:video_game: Steam :video_game: – $25 Steam gift card! There’s still ONE to give away.
:tv: Hulu or Sling :tv: – Sling Orange or Hulu gift card!

:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: You have to participate to WIN, WIN, WIN! :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

:ok_hand: Event lasting only for a few weeks!
:red_circle: MUST purchase PTO role to enter. Do so while stock remains!

Good luck! Please email [email protected] with any questions or PM @snick512

Join Discord here.


Why is this happening?

  • iSnick Economy believes in YOU
  • Everyone could use a little “free”
  • If free is free, then free is freely free for me.
  • Raising awareness

Access for ALL (temporarily)

As of right now, “everyone” has access to (most of) everything! Join voice channels, access higher priv channels (meme, gifwars, etc). This is to let you see the fun and organization. Can’t forget organization.

Of course there’s a catch–you can’t do some things, or read some history maybe, but maybe this’ll entice you to obtain higher roles within the community. Strive to be a Citizen!

Thank you for participating!

psst., those who obtain Citizen role during this time will receive Faucet access for cryptocurrency when it arrives. Rumor also has it giveaways may be in the future.

Schedule Feb 23: Economy De-boost, Post Results

I hope the economy boost went well for you! As of 4:23 PM the leaderboard is:

1. Liquid369#0339 • $95,445
2. tamihaze#6463 • $79,286
3. redakroma1#9182 • $78,354
4. snick512#4000 • $14,335
5. TheLaw#7403 • $13,680
6. joe_land1#1088 • $13,018
7. ajc#7045 • $11,854
8. hollow87#0424 • $5,490
9. I Am Dan#7871 • $1,891
10. AmericanSkurge#2415 • $1,267

Prior to the boost (around Feb 15), the leaderboard was:

1. Liquid369#0339 • $86,994
2. redakroma1#9182 • $68,163
3. tamihaze#6463 • $61,810
4. snick512#4000 • $49,948
5. TheLaw#7403 • $13,209
6. ajc#7045 • $11,854
7. joe_land1#1088 • $10,575
8. hollow87#0424 • $5,478
9. AmericanSkurge#2415 • $1,267
10. Deathof1#8304 • $1,023

For those unfamiliar with this boost, members were able to !work every hour as opposed to four. This ramped up competition, pushing the leaderboard all kinds of crazy. The crime/slut failure rates were also reduced, following Blackjack ante increase.

As of today, the economy wages are back down, work is every four hours, crime/slut rate is around 40%.

Don’t forget meme of the week (click here)!

Schedule Feb 17: Economy Boost, Shaky Grounds (happening now)

It’s here! The economy boost with shaky grounds – an expansion pack, if you will.

What’s happening in this segment:

  • Work
    • min: $100
    • max: $500
  • Slut
    • min: $500
    • max: $500
    • fail: 5%
  • Crime
    • min: $100
    • max: $500
    • fail: 5%
  • Blackjack
    • min: $50
    • max: $500
    • decks: 10

Hidden gem: Keep an eye out for reduced work restrictions! Work every hour! (full details announced in chat at a later time…)

Don’t forget to nominate for meme week (click here)!

This is the easiest, quickest time to make money in the economy. Perfect for newcomers and those unsure if they want to participate.

Meme of the Week, issue 1


That’s right–another useless thing in the iSnick Economy. Submit your favorite meme for the week of the 10th (in Feb (but can be any time frame)). If you nominate yourself and win, you’ll receive a special “CROWN” role which will give you money for no reason at all (temporarily).

If you can, please try to Copy Message Link so it’s easily referenced (right-click the message).

Accepting submissions until I can’t stomach sorting them

Personal fav, or at least one I can recently find:

If you have issues submitting a meme, send via email instead, [email protected].

    Still lurking? Here’s a recent tune I’ve been listening to:


    Schedule Monday 17th: Economy Boost with Shaky Grounds

    I hope you enjoyed small wage increases, because we’re entering shaky grounds–where an economic boost will be taking place, but you’ll have to be careful of all surroundings. The crime rate will be adjusted, random taxation and limitations will be imposed, so keep your cash in the bank.

    Remember to add/remove from bank:

    • !deposit x or !dep all
    • !withdraw x or !with all

    Optionally, you may also give your money away with !givemoney username-here.


    To rob users: !rob username-here