Back to permission levels: “Everyone” role trial is over

For a little while iSnick’s Discord channels were available to those not Newb, Pleb and so on. “Everyone” (mostly directed towards those without any applied role and newcomers) was able to view most of all channels, including our precious #development and #meme. Bot functionality beyond games and banking was usually still denied as the Disc Jokey gem is required and so is Citizen. Permissions were set this way to display Citizen’s roaming ability within the economy.

The economy has reverted back to its strict permission levels, meaning newcomers and or those without applied roles will see less (until roles are acquired).

Money Bonus Challenge and Temporary bailouts

Discord image for the money bonus challenge reads (with emojis):

šŸ”“ šŸ”“ šŸ”“ āž”ļø āž”ļø āž”ļø ā— MONEY BONUS CHALLENGEā— ā¬…ļøā¬…ļø ā¬…ļø šŸ”“ šŸ”“ šŸ”“ Limited time! Invite up to two (2) people to receive a bailout and *$4,000 *Those who invite two people will receive an additional $1,000, making it $5,000 even. šŸ’° šŸ’° šŸ’° It’s an easy way to get cash, spread the word about iSnick and get out of debt if you have anyšŸ’° šŸ’° šŸ’° šŸ›‘ Invitees must have use the Newb role! šŸ›‘

And previously selecting members for bailouts (link here).


Some prefer running wild within the economy and this is fine! Have at it! But if you want to participate in community events, one usually must have purchased raffle tickets to qualify.

  • Always have at least $15,000 to $20,000 in the bank,
  • Commit crimes as little as possible (fines are high!),
  • Work as frequently as possible (a schedule is usually announced),
  • Use text chat as much as possible (you’re given money for text within channels),
  • Play !Blackjack.


In closing… thank you! Thank you for participating – the community has been nothing but top quality.

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