Found on Twitter: “Nazi See” (Twitter taking on government)

Captured from Twitter.

More important to note

Twitter is now directly taking on the tweets of government officials. What’s important to note here is that Twitter of all “organizations” is making a clear stance in not giving two shits who fails to meet their standards. This is an very important to note:

  1. People want to object the government in certain ways, but rarely do (in public…?)
  2. People (sometimes including myself) say government officials (including POTUS) shouldn’t be silenced on “social” platforms
    1. Except these social platforms are privately owned, e.g., you’re stepping into their house
  3. People are proactively opposing Twitter and Facebook’s stance on banning government officials, leading to sometimes backing up the government even when they’re wrong.

I feel platforms taking control of their content is shedding (not new) light on how society is reacting to information, whether it’s true or false.

Joe Rogan real-time fact-checks Alex Jones: It goes well.

It took about three days to consume the entire video, given it’s 3 hours and it’s packed with many topics. So, to personally consume all of it safely I usually pause, do some research, attend to other tasks, then come back… which again, with 3 hours worth of film usually takes around 3 days for me to completely finish.

Rogan made a suggestion (which I agree with) to Alex Jones saying he needs a journalist by his side on air (paraphrasing) to real-time fact-check. For those unaware, I usually checkout Jones’ material once in awhile, because he does in fact turn out to be right on a lot of things. So I’m not going to ignore this source. It’s pretty bad to ignore any source–consume all you can! If you don’t, it’d be difficult to tell what’s true and false… and clearly studies (scientific ones at that) can be performed to determine the truth as well.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy the clip, because it did provide some new information for me and some good laughs.

That one time in Canada (2017): Squatting Slav TV vs. Antifa Cowards

A couple of people claim the Squatting Slav TV reporter is intimidating and no answers are given as to why.

& a little extra:


I think it’s interesting to point out how protests happen globally and also how similar they are from region to region.

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Get started with DogeCash using the iSnick Jumpstart

It’s about that time! DogeCash good. DogeCash very good.

I’ve put together a private installer just for the Discord community. When you install most wallets it needs to download a “chain” (ledger) in order to function properly. This may take several days depending on the size, number of known peers and many other factors. This installer has the latest DogeCash wallet, known peers and a snapshot of the chain up to April of 2020. The rest is up to you.

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Final call for game servers

This is the final call for game servers!

I want to have a community based server such as Minecraft or 7 Days to Die for us to play on. And, each month or every week, decided upon by poll, we’d alternate “dedicated” servers accordingly.

The ideal price is $2.50/month per slot (and per person). Roughly need five people to meet the specifications required to run most game servers.

Click here to cast your vote. (

Anything else you wanna add? Let me know via Discord or email, [email protected]

Thank you1!