Working from home: Being on webcam… good, bad?

No one likes it! Everyone likes it! What’s the real answer? I know it’s different every day for me how I feel signing into a meeting and being required to be on webcam. Working from home in the experiences I had prior 2020 were much, much different.

You would be working nonstop (of course!), completing tedious (sometimes redundant) paperwork, all while possibly being yelled at by an angry customer. But all of this was possible in a low light, coffee and snack ready room of your choice. Maybe as far as a basic speaker setup to play some music during downtime.

Now more and more companies are insisting employees turn on cameras during entire sessions and from personal experience of this, it’s not pleasant at all. Usually half of the attendees are simply noping the “requirement.” Going from working, being on your toes to hoping you get a moment’s break, a few minutes to breath without being monitored on calls, but you’re quickly hit with policy of “being on webcam.” No time to relax!

Where do we draw the line regarding privacy? What would deter employers from requiring employees to be on camera? Something tells me seniority plays a role. New people simply cannot be trusted to behave!

And… with good reason (sometimes subjective).

Cheating in an interview

This could possibly be one of those with-good-reasons moments: – The link won’t allow embedding.

For those who may not be able to see, it’s painfully obvious the person on camera is not doing the talking. We could assume “lag” would be a cause for being out of sync, but the movements of the mouth simply don’t match.

Cheating in an exam

Why are you typing on the Google?

Cheating in another interview

Cheating in an… I don’t know?

Another interview!

Now THIS one I have not watched entirely, however for 30 something odd minutes, this candidate really put in effort. I do gotta say, it was well executed for the first few minutes. I wager at this point or some minutes later the recruiter realized (or should have) something is off, it’s not lag or accent or a language issue, it’s a lip sync issue!

These fine examples prove why being on webcam with an employer or during an interview, or exam is … warranted. Figuring out how often one must be on webcam is another debate in itself.

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“Monsters of Man,” Modern day Terminating

Although The Terminator shows us what chaos would ensue if Skynet ruled the place, but what if it were the government and military specifically? Also, this is a crowdfunded movie, neat.

A robotics company teams up with a corrupt CIA agent undergoing an illegal, unsanctioned military operation. Dropping four prototype robots into a suspected drug manufacturing camp in the Golden triangle that no one will miss. The mission is to prove the robotics company is worthy of winning a lucrative military contract. Six doctors on a good cause witness the brutal slaughter of an innocent village and are forced into a deadly game of cat and mouse as they become the new targets. —IMDB

Worth a watch, but a bit lengthy–2 hours, 11 minutes.

Unpopular American Opinion: I support open borders

We must stop imposing policies on society’s thoughts or attempt to manipulate their thought process when a policy doesn’t work. We need ourselves to move forward, change our “what we believe to work” methods to “what is working right now” methods. Then, possibly, one is able to put this idea into the “what works” pile to reuse later.

Unpopular American opinion: I support open borders.

Two main reasons–

  1. Many companies support bringing aliens to the US under a neat work program.
  2. There are jobs many existing citizens don’t want anything to do with, so bring in people who will fill the roles.

The other reasons?

America is supposed to be a place of different people, different beliefs.

We are all citizens of Earth. Besides borders for trade, there is absolutely zero reason to prohibit people from crossing land. It’s such an old, stupid viewpoint and now proving unsuccessful almost no matter the participating party.

Pololololol (with gas tax rate table): Do we need another Gas Tax?

Gas Taxes by State and the District of Columbia
State Gas Tax Other Taxes and Fees* Total Taxes
Alabama 26 cents 1 cent 27 cents
Alaska 8 cents 0.95 cent 8.95 cents
Arizona 18 cents 1 cent 19 cents
Arkansas 24.5 cents 0.3 cent 24.8 cents
California 50.5 cents 7.16 cents 57.66 cents
Colorado 22 cents 1.56 cents 23.56 cents
Connecticut 25 cents 25 cents
Delaware 23 cents 23 cents
D.C. 23.5 cents 23.5 cents
Florida 4 cents 30.7 cents 34.7 cents
Georgia 28.7 cents 0.75 cent 29.45 cents
Hawaii 16 cents 2.5 cents 18.5 cents
Idaho 32 cents 1 cent 33 cents
Illinois 38.7 cents 12.1 cents 50.8 cents
Indiana 31 cents 11.2 cents 42.2 cents
Iowa 30 cents 30 cents
Kansas 24 cents 1.03 cents 25.03 cents
Kentucky 24.6 cents 1.4 cents 26 cents
Louisiana 20 cents 0.93 cent 20.93 cents
Maine 30 cents 1.4 cents 31.4 cents
Maryland 26.7 cents 9.79 cents 36.49 cents
Massachusetts 24 cents 2.9 cents 26.9 cents
Michigan 26.3 cents 10.9 cents 37.2 cents
Minnesota 28.5 cents 2.1 cents 30.6 cents
Mississippi 18 cents 0.4 cent 18.4 cents
Missouri 17 cents 0.42 cent 17.42 cents
Montana 32 cents 0.75 cent 32.75 cents
Nebraska 28.7 cents 0.9 cent 29.6 cents
Nevada 23 cents 0.81 cent 23.81 cents
New Hampshire 22.2 cents 1.63 cents 23.83 cents
New Jersey 10.5 cents 40.25 cents 50.75 cents
New Mexico 17 cents 1.88 cents 18.88 cents
New York 8 cents 24.98 cents 32.98 cents
North Carolina 36.1 cents 0.25 cent 36.35 cents
North Dakota 23 cents 0.03 cent 23.03 cents
Ohio 38.5 cents 38.5 cents
Oklahoma 19 cents 1 cent 20 cents
Oregon 36 cents 36 cents
Pennsylvania 57.6 cents 1.1 cents 58.7 cents
Rhode Island 34 cents 1.12 cents 35.12 cents
South Carolina 24 cents 0.75 cent 24.75 cents
South Dakota 28 cents 2 cents 30 cents
Tennessee 26 cents 1.4 cents 27.4 cents
Texas 20 cents 20 cents
Utah 31.4 cents 0.65 cent 32.05 cents
Vermont 12.1 cents 18.36 cents 30.46 cents
Virginia 21.2 cents 0.6 cent 21.8 cents
Washington 49.4 cents 2.81 cents 52.21 cents
West Virginia 20.5 cents 15.2 cents 35.7 cents
Wisconsin 30.9 cents 2 cents 32.9 cents
Wyoming 23 cents 1 cent 24 cents

Copied directly from Investopedia: *May include sales and/or use taxes, inspection fees, environmental fees, or other charges

What do YOU think?

Gas Tax Increase?