Get started with DogeCash using the iSnick Jumpstart

It’s about that time! DogeCash good. DogeCash very good. I’ve put together a private installer just for the Discord community. When you install most wallets it needs to download a “chain” (ledger) in order to function properly. This… Read More

Final call for game servers

This is the final call for game servers! I want to have a community based server such as Minecraft or 7 Days to Die for us to play on. And, each month or every week, decided upon by… Read More

Access for ALL (temporarily)

As of right now, “everyone” has access to (most of) everything! Join voice channels, access higher priv channels (meme, gifwars, etc). This is to let you see the fun and organization. Can’t forget organization. Of course there’s a… Read More

Schedule Feb 23: Economy De-boost, Post Results

I hope the economy boost went well for you! As of 4:23 PM the leaderboard is: 1. Liquid369#0339 • $95,445 2. tamihaze#6463 • $79,286 3. redakroma1#9182 • $78,354 4. snick512#4000 • $14,335 5. TheLaw#7403 • $13,680 6. joe_land1#1088 •… Read More