Pololololol (with gas tax rate table): Do we need another Gas Tax?

Gas Taxes by State and the District of Columbia
State Gas Tax Other Taxes and Fees* Total Taxes
Alabama 26 cents 1 cent 27 cents
Alaska 8 cents 0.95 cent 8.95 cents
Arizona 18 cents 1 cent 19 cents
Arkansas 24.5 cents 0.3 cent 24.8 cents
California 50.5 cents 7.16 cents 57.66 cents
Colorado 22 cents 1.56 cents 23.56 cents
Connecticut 25 cents 25 cents
Delaware 23 cents 23 cents
D.C. 23.5 cents 23.5 cents
Florida 4 cents 30.7 cents 34.7 cents
Georgia 28.7 cents 0.75 cent 29.45 cents
Hawaii 16 cents 2.5 cents 18.5 cents
Idaho 32 cents 1 cent 33 cents
Illinois 38.7 cents 12.1 cents 50.8 cents
Indiana 31 cents 11.2 cents 42.2 cents
Iowa 30 cents 30 cents
Kansas 24 cents 1.03 cents 25.03 cents
Kentucky 24.6 cents 1.4 cents 26 cents
Louisiana 20 cents 0.93 cent 20.93 cents
Maine 30 cents 1.4 cents 31.4 cents
Maryland 26.7 cents 9.79 cents 36.49 cents
Massachusetts 24 cents 2.9 cents 26.9 cents
Michigan 26.3 cents 10.9 cents 37.2 cents
Minnesota 28.5 cents 2.1 cents 30.6 cents
Mississippi 18 cents 0.4 cent 18.4 cents
Missouri 17 cents 0.42 cent 17.42 cents
Montana 32 cents 0.75 cent 32.75 cents
Nebraska 28.7 cents 0.9 cent 29.6 cents
Nevada 23 cents 0.81 cent 23.81 cents
New Hampshire 22.2 cents 1.63 cents 23.83 cents
New Jersey 10.5 cents 40.25 cents 50.75 cents
New Mexico 17 cents 1.88 cents 18.88 cents
New York 8 cents 24.98 cents 32.98 cents
North Carolina 36.1 cents 0.25 cent 36.35 cents
North Dakota 23 cents 0.03 cent 23.03 cents
Ohio 38.5 cents 38.5 cents
Oklahoma 19 cents 1 cent 20 cents
Oregon 36 cents 36 cents
Pennsylvania 57.6 cents 1.1 cents 58.7 cents
Rhode Island 34 cents 1.12 cents 35.12 cents
South Carolina 24 cents 0.75 cent 24.75 cents
South Dakota 28 cents 2 cents 30 cents
Tennessee 26 cents 1.4 cents 27.4 cents
Texas 20 cents 20 cents
Utah 31.4 cents 0.65 cent 32.05 cents
Vermont 12.1 cents 18.36 cents 30.46 cents
Virginia 21.2 cents 0.6 cent 21.8 cents
Washington 49.4 cents 2.81 cents 52.21 cents
West Virginia 20.5 cents 15.2 cents 35.7 cents
Wisconsin 30.9 cents 2 cents 32.9 cents
Wyoming 23 cents 1 cent 24 cents

Copied directly from Investopedia: *May include sales and/or use taxes, inspection fees, environmental fees, or other charges

What do YOU think?

Gas Tax Increase?

Back to permission levels: “Everyone” role trial is over

For a little while iSnick’s Discord channels were available to those not Newb, Pleb and so on. “Everyone” (mostly directed towards those without any applied role and newcomers) was able to view most of all channels, including our precious #development and #meme. Bot functionality beyond games and banking was usually still denied as the Disc Jokey gem is required and so is Citizen. Permissions were set this way to display Citizen’s roaming ability within the economy.

The economy has reverted back to its strict permission levels, meaning newcomers and or those without applied roles will see less (until roles are acquired).

Money Bonus Challenge and Temporary bailouts

Discord image for the money bonus challenge reads (with emojis):

πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄ ➑️ ➑️ ➑️ ❗ MONEY BONUS CHALLENGE❗ ⬅️⬅️ ⬅️ πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄ Limited time! Invite up to two (2) people to receive a bailout and *$4,000 *Those who invite two people will receive an additional $1,000, making it $5,000 even. πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° It’s an easy way to get cash, spread the word about iSnick and get out of debt if you have anyπŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ›‘ Invitees must have use the Newb role! πŸ›‘

And previously selecting members for bailouts (link here).


Some prefer running wild within the economy and this is fine! Have at it! But if you want to participate in community events, one usually must have purchased raffle tickets to qualify.

  • Always have at least $15,000 to $20,000 in the bank,
  • Commit crimes as little as possible (fines are high!),
  • Work as frequently as possible (a schedule is usually announced),
  • Use text chat as much as possible (you’re given money for text within channels),
  • Play !Blackjack.


In closing… thank you! Thank you for participating – the community has been nothing but top quality.

Economy Schedule, July 22-24: Hours, wages, animals

For the last few months, unannounced, work wages have been fluctuating between ~$100 to over $400. There was a small dip in economic activity, so wages were slightly loosened. The work time restriction was also lifted to around an hour, again all unannounced.

Work is going back to every four hours with:

  • Work
    • Min: 100
    • Max: 500
  • Blackjack
    • Max: 500
  • New section: !animal race
    • !animal shop, !animals, and !provisions

The prices of animals will likely fluctuate.

Crime, et al. have not been altered.

Inactive Player Money Confiscation: Community Loot!

Mr. Pizza Pirate will eventually receive commands taxing all inactive members an unspecified amount and putting it into a bank. There is also no amount of inactivity determined yet. Please do inquire if necessary!

The funds will be used to create “Loot Boxes” in the store (!store). You can buy them as a raffle ticket to receive a percentage of confiscated money in a later drawing / giveaway.

Present moment in progress!

They’re finally here! The Unusual Buddha stickers, “Caution: Present moment in progress”

If you’re curious about meditation, which I partake in, and would like some guidance The Unusual Buddha’s website is a great place to start. A few blog posts to help you get the gist and 1 on 1 classes are also offered. I really, really need to get to reading his book. No, this is not a sponsored post, just showing some love!

The quality of these stickers exceeded my expectations. I figure, you know, it’s just a sticker feeling like plastic–it’ll do its job, “to stick.” Nope, I am sure these will last for quite awhile.

I put one on my ebike.

Great stuff!

https://theunusualbuddha.com/ – YouTube, Posdcasts, etc

I feel I write more when I stick to myself… kinda

What a title, not usually my norm, however it does state my exact thought.

Cat on keyboard
What I deal with while computing

While some people crave and thrive on social environments, I tend not to… not because I hate people, but because it takes a lot of mental energy (which eventually leads to being physically draining) to mingle. While I do enjoy being in social situations, connecting with new people and learning new things about existing people, at the end of the day it sometimes leads to an exhausting decompressing state.

A craved decompression–where I can be alone with select people, movies, music or just plain ol’ surfing the web … or doing nothing at all but looking at a wall and pondering all things in life.

Yellow River Roll
Yellow River Roll (last week’s lunch)

Today, or in this past week I have felt a shift. I feel as if I’m able to start writing/recording more often while maintaining social interaction and it not feeling overwhelming. Ironically someone has offered help in editing footage, publishing and syndication–I tell you, this will relieve some of the stress of worrying about the after stuff. Just maybe I will be able to focus on more of what I currently consider to be “the fun.”

Shifting from work at home to not work at home

2020 was an interesting time for workplaces. Many people were (are they still?) flocking to work at home jobs, filling in many areas people thought couldn’t be accomplished. A lot of people realized how easy, and not easy it is to work from your own home and this lead me to get out of it.

For several years I worked in general support, tech support and “home security” which lead me to become easily exhausted with “people.” When you’re handling thirty-to-fifty calls per day you’ll be done with the phone at the end of the day. I kept separate headsets for this reason, 1 for customers, 1 for personal – and I never let the personal one hear a customer voice as to not “taint” the headset.

Tips for working at home

It is not easy, but I’ve did it for years and want to let people know just in case you’re wondering.

  1. Your family will never be quiet enough
    1. This means you need to have a quiet place, live by yourself or have the capacity to soundproof the room you’re in.
    2. Get a “busy” light for your door. Jabra sells them and… you can pretty much DIY.
  2. Do not cheap out on hardware.
    1. I highly recommend commercial headsets, Jabra being one (no, I’m not sponsored)
    2. PC Parts?–Buy 2 of everything.
    3. Mechanical keyboard, NOT membrane.
    4. Have a backup modem/router.
  3. Separate the space
    1. IF you have the room, one space (room) should be for work and the other for not work, ever.
    2. This means have separate computers, separate chairs, etc.
  4. Put a sign on your front door stating do not knock, send a text.

There is less luxury working from home

There, I said it. If your employer is a typical slave driver they will expect and demand more from you because you are home. Installing invasive software onto your computer (this is why you should have separate computers), monitoring you more than normal and hounding you just for having Internet issues.

Conduent was a company I worked at for a very short while which insisted looking in at your home office (via webcam). Sure, they sent you an iMac to work, but it did in fact come with many, many strings. And, getting it back to them was just as tedious as I thought it’d be–being threatened with a “legal team” because I refused to tote it across town to the nearest UPS drop-off – No, I am not carrying an iMac cross town. I explained to the assets person I do not have that type of transportation. Essentially, they were making pay to have it sent back, no… no, thank you, but no. The other terrible experience with this company is how disorganized it truly was–this person did not have access to my address at all, nor was I submitting it through email.

Support.com Inc, another infamous company known for their fraudulent software and not paying their employees made a habit of targeting low cost areas. This was because they could underpay the employees, get the most work out of them, and I mean overload them with many, many tasks and never work with them on raises. I knew a guy who had been there for three years and never received any raises. They truly expected you to simply quit so they could bring in the next warm body.

On-top of the odd workplace at Support.com, they put in a “reimbursement” on your cheque, but that meant nothing when you were still paid peanuts. So while you were employed by them, they expected you to pay for all the hardware out of pocket. I expect this type of deal as a contractor, not as an employee.

Both of these companies …were interesting, to put it politely.

It’s good to get out

Coming back to the social interaction bit, it is a good change to be slightly interactive with people throughout the day. The desk life treated me well and maybe one day I’ll go back to it, but for now I am content in expanding my skill sets outside of the computers and keeping it only as a hobby (and some side work).

Thinking more on it, I believe “getting out” as helped bring me back to writing and recording. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve released a podcast episode or have put out a full, (not random) random post such as this one. Come on, I’m even doing small movie reviews…what’s gotten into me!

I hope you have a good day and thank you for reading! Feel free to email me if you want, [email protected]

TL;DR: I’ll be publishing more often.

Get started with DogeCash using the iSnick Jumpstart

It’s about that time! DogeCash good. DogeCash very good.

I’ve put together a private installer just for the Discord community. When you install most wallets it needs to download a “chain” (ledger) in order to function properly. This may take several days depending on the size, number of known peers and many other factors. This installer has the latest DogeCash wallet, known peers and a snapshot of the chain up to April of 2020. The rest is up to you.

The installer requires a password. Contact me or ask in #lobby-general.

Visit the Jumpstart page here to get started.

Final call for game servers

This is the final call for game servers!

I want to have a community based server such as Minecraft or 7 Days to Die for us to play on. And, each month or every week, decided upon by poll, we’d alternate “dedicated” servers accordingly.

The ideal price is $2.50/month per slot (and per person). Roughly need five people to meet the specifications required to run most game servers.

Click here to cast your vote. (https://isnick.net/hopto-gameservers)

Anything else you wanna add? Let me know via Discord or email, [email protected]

Thank you1!


Access for ALL (temporarily)

As of right now, “everyone” has access to (most of) everything! Join voice channels, access higher priv channels (meme, gifwars, etc). This is to let you see the fun and organization. Can’t forget organization.

Of course there’s a catch–you can’t do some things, or read some history maybe, but maybe this’ll entice you to obtain higher roles within the community. Strive to be a Citizen!

Thank you for participating!

psst., those who obtain Citizen role during this time will receive Faucet access for cryptocurrency when it arrives. Rumor also has it giveaways may be in the future.