Discord Server

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Enter at your own risk! Highly addicting.
  • Economy
    - !money or !money member, !bank, !withdraw X, !deposit X, !leaderboard
  • Games
    - !blackjack, !roulette, ?
  • Robbery/Crimes
    - !rob or !rob player-name
  • Work
    - Can only work every 4 hours.
  • Store
    - Mostly experimental, buy and sell at your own risk.
  • !play Artist/Band - Title or search-query or !soundcloud
    - !stop, !pause, !skip, !stop - some of these commands require a vote if more than human is in the channel.

Welcome message

While freedom of speech is encouraged, please take the time to post in the proper categories. Use your best judgement at all times to ensure a clean, fun and professional where necessary atmosphere.

Please report all issues by messaging in #development or emailing me, [email protected]

Thank you!

Ty Clifford