Encouraging Internet Individualism: Get your space

This is the first post from my self titled series Encouraging Internet Individualism. My short take on what I believe netizens should study and employ. Spawned from episode 18.

Personally, I don’t mind sharing certain parts of my Life throughout the web but others may only want to with their family, and as much as possible their own family. Meaning less eyeballs, a local server or monitored and “not owned by another entity.”

Places to host

In short:

  • Your house
  • Data center

But is it safe to host from your house? Yes and no. Without going into too much detail, you would probably want your front facing web server in some isolation, etc. Not to mention bandwidth restrictions and uptime. Namely uptime plays a huge, huge role in maintaining a presence on the web. You don’t quite know when people will visit and you don’t quite know when your home Internet will go offline.

This brings us to data center. These types of operations generally know when downtime will occur and they usually have plenty of bandwidth.

Digital Ocean

A great spot to create virtual private servers on the fly for testing or production. Pay as you go.

If you use my referral, you can get a $200 credit for a total of 60 days. Visit here (referral).

Google Compute

It’s not widely advertised (go figure), but Google does offer a free trial and semi-free tier you may use. Using Google’s Cloud platform should definitely be on your list of services to experiment with. The last time I checked, you receive around $200-300 in credits.

Learn more, https://cloud.google.com/free/docs/free-cloud-features#compute
Direct: https://cloud.google.com/compute

There are plenty of others including Amazon Web Services (has a free tier), Linode and Vultr. Each have different use cases and pricing.

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