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Equihax (Equifax) doesn’t know Its Own Asshole

As if the data breach wasn’t enough to guard from, simple fact checking seems to be lost on Equifax employees. According to Gizmodo, for 2 months Equifax was directing consumers to a fake website. There’s deleted tweets to prove it!

One of the URLs for these directs us to a 404 page on Twitter, however a little back story:

[…] developer Nick Sweeting created a fake website of his own: (He simply switched the words “security” and “equifax” around.) As if to demonstrate Sweeting’s point, Equifax appears to have been itself duped by the fake URL. The company has directed users to Sweeting’s fake site sporadically over the past two weeks.

It has not been an easy run for Equihax in the last few months, but hopefully the company will reevaluate their positions in security, and human error. Click here to catch-up on this news.


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