Found on Twitter: “Nazi See” (Twitter taking on government)

Captured from Twitter.

More important to note

Twitter is now directly taking on the tweets of government officials. What’s important to note here is that Twitter of all “organizations” is making a clear stance in not giving two shits who fails to meet their standards. This is an very important to note:

  1. People want to object the government in certain ways, but rarely do (in public…?)
  2. People (sometimes including myself) say government officials (including POTUS) shouldn’t be silenced on “social” platforms
    1. Except these social platforms are privately owned, e.g., you’re stepping into their house
  3. People are proactively opposing Twitter and Facebook’s stance on banning government officials, leading to sometimes backing up the government even when they’re wrong.

I feel platforms taking control of their content is shedding (not new) light on how society is reacting to information, whether it’s true or false.

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