Free VPN: ProtonVPN from ProtonMail

June 16, 2018

Ideally having a VPN is a 50/50. Some users may claim it’s always needed for security, while others may use it for anonymity purposes. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are usually used for security and proxies are used for anonymity – You have to choose which to use, and why, and/or how. Using an insecure WiFi network would warrant the use a VPN, but may not thwart every attack, but is always a good layer to add.

ProtonVPN –

Currently ProtoVPN offers a free tier.

With a service similar to ProtonVPN, you will have both security and partial anonymity. This VPN provider enables you the ability to use different IPs around the globe. You may still want to use proxies in addition to this if you’re researching sensitive topics, such as TOR or other proxy providers.

VPN is a shell for your computer (or network).
Proxy is a tunnel usually for a specific set of applications.

Connecting … 



As you can see we’re now connected to Japan’s free tier server. The speeds are going to be a tad slow considering it’s free, but at least it’s a little security.

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