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iOS 11: Apple says the WiFi stays on!

Apple’s strict ecosystem is not surprising anymore. Their developer restrictions have grown tighter, and prices are climbing. I’ve only just stopped using my iPhone 5S, upgraded to the Samsung S6, and have since been happy of this change. Keep in mind, I had to throw away some perfectly capable iOS apps for Android replacements, but overall a few bucks to lose isn’t bad when you’re talking freedom. It does hurt the wallet.

iOS under the surface is a wreck. iOS on the surface is amazingly simple, fluent, swift, but now the fluency is dropping a tad.

WiFi/Bluetooth stays on even if you shut it off

Not cool, Apple, not cool. If you use the pull up/down menus as much as I do, then you’ll know how important it is to have easy access buttons. Switch the WiFi on/off, NFC, sound, etc. In iOS 11, these features have been reduced to a “standby” mode.

If you use the pull up menu and not the Control Center, WiFi/Bluetooth will disconnect, but it will not shut off. Meaning, all communications will still be accessible. This “feature” also turns the communications back on at 5 AM.

That’s a few footsteps backwards for everyone, and hopefully Apple fixes this UI/function mess.

Full story at Vice.

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