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Privacy and Integrity.

Market Data Index Profiler is a role responsible for adhering to crawl engine mechanisms, theories and concepts. An MDIP will be responsible for determining failed queries, improving said fail queries or manipulating them entirely out of rotation. On the job training is provided. Details enclosed below.


Cryptocurrency Market Indexer is an old-fashioned indexer asking services for information, to which store this information in a database. “Market Data Index/ing Engine” is the core behind CMI, leaving CMI to be the usual user interface. It was created and is still maintained as an in-house, private, non-public web facing project. Currently covering 4,000~ cryptocurrencies to be indexed, CMI is offering unfettered, anonymous access to historical currency data.

UR CPU Research and Development is looking to collaborate with other like-minded individuals to promote open source, privacy and overall integrity.


  • NGINX/Apache/pound know-how or willing to learn
  • MariaDB/MySQL or willing to learn
  • PHP (familiarity with 5, 7.2+) or willing to learn
  • Know your way around Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and their associated packaged managers or willing to learn
  • Craft bash/PHP scripts on the fly or willing to learn


  • Internet connection bandwidth of at least 3mb down / 1mb up
  • Computer specifications may vary
  • VoIP (Skype, Discord, etc) or landline telephone
  • Must be 18 or older and:
    • Pass a background check
    • Live within the United States


This role requires training from two to six days depending on studied material. We do work to fully prepare you for the role and will continue to provide education throughout our contact.

Additional information:

  • 1099 position
    • Milestone, task-based contract
  • No benefits
    • Bonuses may be included, such as but not limited to:
      • Gift cards
      • Prepaid debit cards
      • Digital Codes

Hours: 2-4 hours per week.


Please send your interest and requirements to our address. Click “Apply for job” below.

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