Jumpstart DogeCash

This is a private installer. To retrieve the password join the Discord community.

Setting up DogeCash

Download the iSnick Jumpstart for DogeCash. It’s total capacity after install will be around 2 GB.

(Deselect running the program after install!) Download: here. 7zip required (click to visit/download)

Open up your Documents to extract the chain (Documents\iSnick Jumpstart\DogeCash). This is so you can move the chain.

  1. Search for “run” in your Windows start menu or press Windows + r -> %appdata%\Roaming\DogeCash
    1. in Documents\iSnick Jumpstart\DogeCash you should have blocks_n_chains.tar. Open it up and what’s inside this. Select all:
    2. Drag all contents to the DogeCashCore directory in AppData\Roaming. (dogecash.conf should already be there. If it isn’t, let me know asap)
    3. Boot DogeCash once it finishes. It may take a few hours to sync.

Use #lobby-general for any questions, etc.

Email: [email protected].