Kodi users infected with cryptomining malware (Windows/Linux)

Users of Kodi, a popular media player and platform designed for TVs and online streaming, have been the targets of a malware campaign, ZDNet has learned from cyber-security firm ESET.

According to a report that will be published later today and shared with ZDNet in advance, the company’s malware analysts have uncovered that at least three popular repositories of Kodi add-ons have been infected and helped spread a malware strain that secretly mined cryptocurrency on users’ computers.

Now there’s one particular issue added to installing add-ons, sometimes you get infected. Sadly, few research what they’re installing (not even a quick Google search). Given the freedom of Kodi’s ecosystem, a user is able to download most of what they choose, malware infected or not. Next to viewer eye, anti-virus software on computers have the ability to pickup on newly discovered threats, hopefully blocking them in the future.

Kodi is a big success in the DIY media community, raking in thousands of downloads and promoting mass customization. Kodi-based IPTV solutions are even sold in some areas of the web. Personally, content comes from my local DVR setup. You can make great use of existing hardware, syndicating it to several devices or creating quality home theater solutions, leaving Kodi on the front-end for maximum control.

No, this is not a sponsored post. It’s a breakdown and quick commentary on Kodi as I pass along this link! Good luck, Kodi community! Best of luck.

September 13, 2018, ZDNet article.

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