Living under a rock: Nintendo Switch is out here slaying

Wow! I knew the Switch is a nifty device but I didn’t know it was this far ahead in sales. Of course, our legendary PlayStation 2 is still unmatched in terms of “consoles” or hardware sales go. Here’s an accessible table view (below this is an infographic):

Hardware Sales
Playstation 2 155.0M
Nintendo Switch 125.6M
PlayStation 4 117.0M
PlayStation 102.4M
Wii 101.6M
PlayStation 3 87.4M
Xbox 360 85.8M
Nintendo 61.9M
Xbox One 51.3M
Super Nintendo 49.1M
PlayStation 5 38.4M
Nintendo 64 32.9M


What lead me to checking out sales is a fellow Internet user displaying Super Mario RPG.

Have a good day!

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