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Netflix Originals: I’ve misunderstood you (The Confession Tapes)

DVDs to 4k streaming, Netflix has made leaps, and bounds to bring you content for a-now starting price of $8 month.

One thing I couldn’t wrap my mind around yet is Netflix having their own originals. Since watching their take on Death Note, and something else I can’t think of right now, I decided to give The Confession Tapes a go.


This interesting show you could file under “investigations TV,” easily caught my attention. If I’m watching any investigation shows, it’s usually somewhere on the ID channel or Escape, but now it’s Netflix.

Honest editing

The laid back, uncensored series seems to focus on cases where the confessions were falsely given – Coerced. Yet, the jury would convict (sorry, spoiler). It still doesn’t take away from the suspense. In fact, the show has a way with their approach in editing. Most of this is recorded and edited before publicly viewing, which leads us to having no true way of knowing what are first responses. For example a law enforcement member went on to say, “we reported in the media,” but stopped to correct himself. Waiting a few seconds with a clear face, and then rephrasing with the correct wording, “it was reported in the media.”

Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but how many times have you wondered interviewees’ first responses? Were they honest ones? Did the journalist give them a second chance to correct their words?

The Confession Tapes:

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