Quick update from me

So, my computer unfortunately took a dive into the unknown a couple of weeks ago … it died–in short, it died. However, around the same time things started to ramp up a little and being home a lot wasn’t a thing. As in, the workstation wasn’t exactly needed as much. Do I still need a workstation?–absolutely. But is that what I’m focused on right now?–no.

Keyser Question and Answer, Lotus band, My Keyser, and iSnick economy are the projects in focus.

  • Keyser QA – Bringing city/county and citizens together for ongoing, progressive discussion.
  • Lotus – A groovy band.. (hopefully you’ll hear us soon)
  • My Keyser – The “host” of Keyser QA. My Keyser is an initiative to stimulate positive growth within Keyser and Mineral County.
  • iSnick economy – The iSnick economy will always be active in terms of fluctuation, giveaways and more. At this time we’re not doing any raffles, but they’re not off the future tables.

Eventually a new workstation will be acquired as I’ll need horsepower for more precise and in-depth media editing.

Just wanted to say hello!

Hope your day is going well!

Some art to follow

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