Throughout becoming a Citizen, you’ll learn more and more about the economy and be ready to play for raffles and complicated gambles. Raffles do involve real prizes–gift cards of all sorts.

To join:

Be on the Discord server and if not click here to do so.


You can win money by playing !blackjack in #bot-stuff or by using !work. You can also by !rob <name>, but there is a high fail rate. !store to list roles to buy.

!buy <item> to obtain the role and then

!use <item> to apply it as your current role.

Again to use voice you must purchase and then use the role Newb.
If you somehow get stuck, message me (snick512) or email!

Visual example

Beginner’s wisdom

You first want to win money by either working or gambling. Once you acquire at least $100+, purchase the role Newb by !buy Newb
This will enable Voice. Proceed to the next levels accordingly and I wish you luck!
Remember: Disc Jockey is now an exclusive feature to play music.
There are hidden gems, good and bad – Beware!

Additional info


!money – Your money gained throughout iSnick.
!deposit X (example: !deposit 5 will deposit $5 to your bank)
!withdraw X
!blackjack <amount>

!work (every 4 hours)
!rob <member>

!store [page]
!inventory [member] [page]
!item-info <item name>
!buy-item [quantity] <item name>
!sell-item <member> [quantity] <item name>
!use-item [quantity] <item name>
!give-item <member> [quantity] <item name>

Music streaming:
!play <youtube url> or !play Artist/Band – Title
!pause, !stop, !skip (vote).
(Must have Disc Jockey role via !store)

More bot stuff and RP to follow.