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Scientists connect Human Brains together

In a shocking study regarding human brain, scientists have successfully connected three human brains together to share thoughts. A little late to the post, but it’s here!

Before you know it, we’ll be installing ad blocking plugins for our brain’s web browser.

On an upside, the studies demonstrated the subjects learned.

Figure 7. Quantification of Learning of Sender’s Reliability by Receiver. (Top Panel) Evolution over time of linear
regression weights (beta) for the Receivers’ decision vector and decision vector of each type of Senders for each 4-trial block
(see text for details). (Bottom Panel) Pearson Correlation Coefficient between the decisions of Receivers and Senders of each
type. Both plots exhibit ascending trends for the good Sender but not the bad Sender, suggesting that Receivers learned which
Sender was more reliable during the course of their brain-to-brain interactions with their two Senders. — Page 14 of PDF.



I’m highly excited to see this type of brain development excel.

Full PDF


Thank you to a long time reader for submitting this info!

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