Get information on cryptocurrency rank

Boring alert!

Be informed on cryptocurrency prices and emerging markets with Coin Gecko. No, this is not a sponsored post – Only informing you of a decent place.


And if you’re into self-hosted, hackery type projects, you may try my Cryptocurrency Market Indexer here,

Cryptocurrency Market Indexer is an old-fashioned crawler which asks services about their data and then stores it. From there, any application can access the SQL data and even update it.

Good luck out there.

Get started with DogeCash using the iSnick Jumpstart

It’s about that time! DogeCash good. DogeCash very good.

I’ve put together a private installer just for the Discord community. When you install most wallets it needs to download a “chain” (ledger) in order to function properly. This may take several days depending on the size, number of known peers and many other factors. This installer has the latest DogeCash wallet, known peers and a snapshot of the chain up to April of 2020. The rest is up to you.

The installer requires a password. Contact me or ask in #lobby-general.

Visit the Jumpstart page here to get started.