Joe Rogan real-time fact-checks Alex Jones: It goes well.

It took about three days to consume the entire video, given it's 3 hours and it's packed with many topics. So, to personally consume all of it safely I usually pause, do some research, attend to other tasks, then come back... which again, with 3 hours worth of film usually takes around 3 days for me to completely finish. Rogan made a suggestion (which I agree with) to Alex Jones saying he needs a journalist by his side on air (paraphrasing) to real-time fact-check. For those unaware, I usually checkout Jones' material once in awhile, because he does in fact turn out to be right on a lot of things. So I'm not going to ignore this source. It's pretty bad to ignore any source--consume all you can! If you don't, it'd be difficult to tell what's true and false... and clearly studies (scienti

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