Unpopular American Opinion: I support open borders

We must stop imposing policies on society’s thoughts or attempt to manipulate their thought process when a policy doesn’t work. We need ourselves to move forward, change our “what we believe to work” methods to “what is working right now” methods. Then, possibly, one is able to put this idea into the “what works” pile to reuse later.

Unpopular American opinion: I support open borders.

Two main reasons–

  1. Many companies support bringing aliens to the US under a neat work program.
  2. There are jobs many existing citizens don’t want anything to do with, so bring in people who will fill the roles.

The other reasons?

America is supposed to be a place of different people, different beliefs.

We are all citizens of Earth. Besides borders for trade, there is absolutely zero reason to prohibit people from crossing land. It’s such an old, stupid viewpoint and now proving unsuccessful almost no matter the participating party.

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