What the disappearing host is going on?

Yet again here I am starting another iSnick venture with content restoration- a new beginning. Not really, but my last host went belly up on a portion of their services, and of course most of the content with it.

Journal Five, sadly was a main one. Only a few articles on the website, but it's enough to be upset over.

Another main was my tyclifford.com site where my podcast content was moved after iSnick.net went down the first time. iSnick.net first went down earlier this year because I moved, and I moved far out from the city where slow Internet is the norm, which lead to no more hosting sites from my house.

The URL shortening service under x.isnick.net is also gone. None of those records are looking to be recovered.

Same iSnick, same take back the Internet, same speaking my mind. Stick with me as I slowly get things together. Again, join my Discord! https://discord.gg/dqmrNq

I'll have a post about AlphaRacks later.

Ty Clifford

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