When user error and 7-11 Android App Cause Confusion

On one of my many visits to a local 7-11, I was craving a pizza with a side of few cold beers, but was promptly denied upon trying to redeem 2,000 points. The app specifically stated 2,662 points were available on my account, but when I went to redeem a whole pizza an error returned.  Tried again and again, to no avail.

Screenshot directly from the 7-11 app:

Whole pizza selection:



The odd occurrence brought 1 more store attendant to the front to review the issue. It’s clear the situation would be resolved in the store, I did let them know I’m not upset about the situation, but will instead contact 7-Eleven directly if necessary. When I returned home, I logged into the desktop desktop/full web version of 7-11 rewards to find my account has 0 points. What?

So, I looked back through overlooked emails to discover… ah-ha! The points were expired as of December 11, but the app failed to see this, and so did I.

The bright side

  • One did not act a fool over this issue as some customers do,
  • I troubleshot my own issue,
  • Touche, 7-Eleven.

Sharing my experience so it hopefully doesn’t happen to you. It’s best to review the full web version before the mobile app.

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