Publishing Security Camera Footage - Please stop it

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Undoubtedly, one is proud to display their security camera angles. I know because I used to be one, but those were angles that were near-impossible to circumvent--and I'm not saying they could never be, but it was covered by 3 cameras pointing in such a way that an entrance would be captured from one of them while the intruder may attempt to mess with the other. (big cameras, you're eventually going to notice them)

What happened with AlphaRacks' Operations: The gossip included (Part 2)

Saturday June 15, 2019 - You may find that Part 2 has been edited. I restored an inaccurate backup and had to redo most of it. Now it's even better, with slightly more information. A win-win.

Saturday June 22, 2019 - Joshua Collishaw has reached out with an offer of their employee contract to correct employment status, but has yet to respond with a copy.

Since what is now part one, it didn't take long for AlphaRacks to announce they're officially going out of business. It's sad, and some are hurt (financially) more-so than AR themselves, but no refunds in sight.

Slow Internet, why is it still a thing? Blurb

It's only audio.